In today’s chapter of WISHLYWOOD I’m gonna introduce you to one of the girls I’ve felt like shooting for sooooooo long. My quest for photographic excelence takes us to Brno today, where queen Timea Erewan reigns, an authentic Slovak beauty.

A gorgeus zombie caught my attention in Bojnice’s Zombie Walk (Slovakia), back in August 2009. I liked her sooooooo much that I decided to keep in touch with her, an that girl has turned to be one of the most beautiful (and kindest!) women I know as time went by.

I do like absolutely EVERYTHING about Timea, but if I had to highlight something in particular, it would be the slenderness oh her body, her bedroom eyes, her always stunning hair and her precious doll face. All those qualities and many more don’t let anybody careless when it comes to see her pictures.

Here you are some of the reasons why this girl has turned from being a good friend to being a photographic wish. We’ll raise hell together soon…

A very biiiiiiiiig kiss  Timea, I like you so much!!!

Timea – Pic by Himsouls Photo

Timea – Pic courtesy of Guldrum Flower

Timea – Pic by Himsouls Photo

Timea – Pic by Hieros Gamos